Silel 2011

Guidelines for paper submission

Texts of presented papers at SILEL (13th National Symposium in Linguistics and Literature and 3rd International Symposium in Linguistics and Literature) by guest speakers and round table participants, as well as by participants of thematic sections and work coordinators can be submitted for publication in SILEL's electronic proceedings from September 19th to October 19th 2011. Only keynote speakers, round table and thematic sections' participants are allowed to submit texts for publication on this 2nd volume of SILEL'S proceedings. Submitted texts must refer to presented papers.

Texts can be written in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French, and follow grammar standards of each language.

The authors will not hold copyrights when sending their texts to the proceedings and must give permission to address the rights to a collective work, assuring that the text was fully proofread.

Formatting Standards for papers

A) Title: centered, uppercase and bold.

B) Name(s) of author(s): two lines below the title, on the right. Uppercase just for last surname.

C) Institution: full name, one line below authors' names.

D) Below the name of the institution, please inform the authors' emails.

E) Two lines below the name of the institution and the authors' emails, insert the word Abstract (in the language the text was written) without entering, using single space, bold and lowercase and followed by colon. After colon, insert the abstract (single space) in the language the text was written (maximum 200 words).

F) Two lines below the abstract, insert Keywords (in the language the text was written), bold, lowercase, without entering and followed by colon. After colon, insert 3-5 keywords, separated by semicolon.

G) Page setup:

Paper: A4 bond paper
Numbering: outside, top right corner
Margins (top, bottom, left, right): 2.5 cm
Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 12
Highlight quotations: font size 11 indented left 4.0 cm.
Notes: font size 10
Spacing: single

H) Subtitles: bold, aligned to the left, without entering, with progressive numbering.
I) Footnotes must be at the bottom of the page, followed by their numeric indexes.
J) Quoted references must appear at the end of the paper, in a full form, alphabetic order from author's surname. ABNT's (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms) standards must be followed.
K) Papers must have 20 pages, including references. Attachments must be proofread by author(s).


1) Non-standard texts will not be published.
2) After attaching the text and sending it through the system, you'll see a screen with the submission number of the text. Without this number you will not be able to claim for the rights to publish – in case of any possible event. If the number does not appear on the screen, it means your text was not sent successfully. In this case, contact the secretary committee.

UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES the organizing committee will not receive texts to be published in the Proceedings after the deadline provided for submission.

B) Electronic Submissio

To complete the submission process, you must agree with the publishing conditions showed above, filling the following form and clicking on submitt.

( ) The present paper is original and yet unpublished;
( ) Submitted text refers to the presented paper during SILEL- 2011.
( ) Submitted archive is in PDF format.
( ) The text is formatted according to the requirements above.
( ) By submitting the paper, I accept to assign the rights so the text can be part of a collective work. I assure the text has been properly proofread.
( ) I am aware of all information presented in this guidance.
( ) In case of co-author, both authors must agree with the conditions showed above.

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